FX Hayate Otsu - Mouse Pad
FX Hayate Otsu - Mouse Pad
FX Hayate Otsu - Mouse Pad

FX Hayate Otsu - Mouse Pad

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HAYATE OTSU is higher version of Hien.

HAYATE OTSU is enables more stable gliding and more precise pointing.
The Up and down motion of the mouse during mouse movement is less than that of HIEN.
There is less turbulence in mouse slippage during mouse movement than in HIEN.
There is less difference in gliding in the vertical and horizontal than in HIEN.

[Change point]

Changed the texture weave pattern. Smoother gliding and more precise pointing than the previous model. Usability has improved.

Size: XL


Stable mouse movement with fast initial motion and parallel movement sensation like HAYATE. And it's easier to stop than HAYATE.

| Total performance

HAYATE OTSU that gives priority to ease of stopping. High-end products boasting high performance similar to HAYATE.

| Ease of stopping

It's a light glide but you can stop it.

| Feeling of touch

The touch of the surface feels a bit of a satin feeling.

| Small vertical and horizontal gliding difference

Compared with HIEN, the differences in feeling of longitudinal and lateral gliding are small.

S- 240 x 210 x 4 mm (MID is 3 mm thick)
M- 310 x 240 x 4 mm (MID is 3 mm thick)
L- 420 x 330 x 4 mm (MID is 3 mm thick)
XL- 490 x 420 x 4 mm (MID is 3 mm thick)

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